Why Kansas?

Although some ask, why Fine Art (which is an entirely different question), a lot of people ask why you? What is it about your pieces? My two cents…

Because I think my pieces are gorgeous! Okay that may not be the the best answer although I believe the are!

I create my pieces from a place of love and determination. I hardly ever seek out a certain image or set out to create a specific picture. My favorites happen quite serendipitously. Because I love the art of photography so much I have my equipment with me most always. The vast majority of my pieces are created when I am out enjoying my family at the beach or right after I have finished capturing the love and emotion of one of my client’s sweet families. They are created with love. Other times it is when I am caught off guard by some gorgeous happening….s storm brewing in the Gulf, a special light seeping through the window that calls me out to the front yard and beckons me to take the Jeep down to the beach.

So how do I say I create with determination but serendipitously? Serendipitous makes it seem in passing, easy, by accident…but this type of serendipity does not come easy because it takes preparation and lots of experience to capture things on a whim. Besides having sufficient equipment and knowledge, your artist eye comes in, the ability to frame an image and draw the eye (the eyes that will be in your home, gazing at your walls) to the most interesting portion of the image thereby evoking emotion and creating palpable feelings.

Once I capture something that beautiful I spend a lot of time crafting it into what exactly my eye saw. Ever notice how something in person always seem so much more beautiful than you can ever describe or capture? My desire is always to get that image back to the beauty I saw in person so that you can enjoy that moment every single day. My hope is that it brings back childhood memories of trips to the beach, the sand, the crust of the salt after coming out of the turquoise water, the light dancing on the water as the sun makes it final descent on that last day, the beauty of a special sunset you shared with someone you love, that the colors and arrangement bring a little relaxation as you walk into your vacation home to settle in for the week.

One of my absolute favorites is a very simple image taken after sunset at Grayton Beach. I was out in the water up to my chest, the water was warm and salty and I am sure I had taken a few sips of something coconut-ty from my Yeti. So with my gold camera strap sparkling in the dusk light and my camera held above my head, I made my way out to where my oldest daughter, Olivia was swimming. I was hoping for a clear shot of the little bit of green color in the waves with the gorgeous sunset colors dancing off the sheen behind the waves.


But then she dove through the wave like a dolphin kicking her legs in front of me and I captured this image which has become one of my favorite ones ever. There is so much serenity in the colors of the sunset reflected in the water but this tiny little foot breaking through showing the clarity of the water, shaking things up but not much <3


Both of these gorgeous images are in the Fine Art Catalogue in different mediums but I find the satin finish luxe metal showcases the colors and depth the most.