For Decorators

Thank you for taking a moment to look around my fine art offerings. The Shop link is the best place to see all the beauty and it is categorized for effortless browsing. I know you work very hard to make your client’s homes a sanctuary but also to be an outwardly extension of themselves to the world. With that in mind I have created an ever expanding gallery of images that evoke emotion and thrill your clients every moment they lift their eyes to their gorgeous walls. I can’t wait for them to show these pieces off in their homes along with all the other amazing things you as a designer, implemented.

Don’t forget I do offer special designer/decorator pricing so be sure to send me an email for specifics. When you email me if you have an image in mind and know where you are planning to hang it you may send me a picture and I can show you sizing, etc. to help solidify your idea. In order to do that, tape a regular size sheet of paper (8.5×11) to the wall in the approximate place the art will hang, snap a shot from the furthest location that people will see it (either sitting or standing). If you are out of town or simply don’t have time to send that I would be more than happy to come to the location and take measurements and images for which to showcase your possibilities.